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Special Education

  • Special Education at Saint Paul Public Schools is high quality and effective. We recognize and support the importance of designing an educational experience to meet the unique needs of each student with a disability, from birth to age 21.

    The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team – which includes parents – focuses on helping students develop academic, functional and social skills by providing them with the skills necessary to become self sufficient, contributing members of society. If you have a child with special education, health-related, or accessibility needs, please contact the Office of Specialized Services at 651-767-8321 before submitting a school application, or contact the principal at your school of choice to find out whether appropriate services are available at the school.

    Inclusion in the General Education Classroom

    Saint Paul Public Schools is committed to provide students with disabilities the same school experience as their peers in general education classrooms. SPPS has increased collaboration and co-teaching between special education and general education teachers, to include all students in one classroom to the point that all students can be successful. Guided by our Racial Equity Policy, SPPS helps students with disabilities reach goals through their varied needs and abilities. Join us as we celebrate the path toward equity.

    Services at Bruce Vento Elementary

    Learning Disability
    A disorder in the understanding or use of spoken or written language that impacts the student’s ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell or perform math calculations that severely affects academic progress.

    EBD (Emotional or Behavioral Disorder) and EBD III
    Students who display a severe pattern of behavior characterized by withdrawal, aggression or disordered thinking that severely impacts emotions, academic, social or job skills.

    Related Special Education Services:

    • School social work services
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Developmental Adaptive Physical Education (DAPE)
    • Nursing services