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Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Links to web sites to review spatial sense and geometry skills.

    Coordinate Graphing activity for plotting points. Three levels of difficulty where you choose the matching ordered pair for the location of the object.

    Interactive Angles for practice identifying obtuse/right/acute angles, and vertical/corresponding/alternate interior or exterior angle concepts.

    Angles Banana Hunt for practice creating angles based on the degrees given. The activity uses a 360 degree circle for creating the angles.

    Guess the Random Angle Measurement but Hide the protractor first! Then guess the measurement and then click on Check.

    Virtual Manipulatives Geometry activities for grade 6. Site includes perimeter, area, coordinate plots and more.

    Polygon Properties read about the properties and then check your knowledge. Includes polygons, non-polygons, closed and not-closed or bounded shapes.

    Angles Game Practice estimating the size of an angle needed to hit the space ship.