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About Bruce Vento Elementary

Where academic achievement knows no limits.
With colorful college flags and staff members proudly proclaiming where they attended college, Bruce Vento Elementary makes a strong statement that college is our goal for every student. School-wide, each class “adopts” a college or university and learns about its campus. In return, colleges and universities around the country have adopted our classrooms.

Embedded throughout the year are support, enrichment and celebrations that honor individual and school achievements. Bruce Vento Elementary has also established a Family Resource Center where we partner with the Cultural Wellness Center to support our families.

Our mission is to provide every student with the strongest possible foundation in reading, writing, math and science – to prepare them for success in middle and high school and, ultimately, college.

Vento's academic foundation is built upon the following principles:

  • Aligned instruction is grounded in an integrated system of standards, instruction and assessment in which: The standards are clearly communicated; High expectations are maintained for all students; and the standards remain the same for all students, but those who need more assistance receive additional time and different modes of instruction.
  • A student's effort and performance is what really matters, not aptitude. Teachers give students the time they need to achieve.
  • Vento's culture focuses relentlessly on the results of student work. Everything that everyone does at Vento fosters and supports high student achievement. All school administration, faculty and staff know their primary purpose and know it well - to educate children to high standards; and administrators and teachers analyze data and use the data in their planning.

Enrollment Pathway:
Bruce Vento Elementary > Washington Technology Magnet (6-12) 


Contact Us

Bruce F. Vento Elementary
409 Case Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55130

Phone: 651-293-8685

Grades: PreK-5
Hours: 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Principal: Nicky Napierala

Staff Directory

Please fax records requests to 651-293-8688 and email your request to jean.dunfee@spps.org