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Third Grade Writing

In third grade, students use everything they know to create narratives, procedures, reports, poetry and responses to literature. By fourth grade students have a lot of experience with reading and writing and life and they deepen that knowledge by writing in many different genres.

On this page you will see links to the various genres of writing that we do. When you click on one of those links you will see information about:

  • The standards and what they mean;
  • Examples of that genre in progress and when it is finished;
  • A rubric that students can use to monitor their progress.

Is it right?
During the first part of the writing process we do not worry about the conventions of writing such as spelling and punctuation. Spelling and punctuation become very important when we get to the "editing" part of the writing process.

The Writing Standards Say...
When students write they are expected to use certain conventions in the English Language.

The standards say that...

Students will:

  • "Demonstrate a basic understanding of the rules of the English language in written and oral work;
  • "Select the structures and features of language appropriate to the purpose, audience and context of the work;
  • "Demonstrate control of grammar, paragraph structure, punctuation, sentence construction, spelling and usage;
  • "Analyze and subsequently revise work to clarify it or make it more effective in communicating the intended message or thought.  Revisions should be made in light of the purposes, audiences and contexts that apply to the work.  Strategies for revising including adding or deleting details; adding or deleting explanations; clarifying difficult passages; rearranging words, sentences and paragraphs to improve or clarify meaning; sharpening the focus; and reconsidering the organizational structure."

Of course the standards are put into language and practices that the students can understand.

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