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Why School Attendance is Important

By law, education is considered as basic a need as food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

Students with a 95% attendance rate or higher are twice as likely to pass the state achievement tests as those students with an 85% attendance rate. (In SPPS, 95% attendance = 9 or fewer absences).

Children who are chronically absent in Kindergarten show lower math and reading skills. These are the same students who make up those who are at low achievement levels in 6th grade.

Students with good attendance make up a vast majority of those who are at the top of their class in grades and tests.

Most elementary aged children average 4 or 5 days of absence per school year. Those who miss more days tend to always be trying to “catch up” rather than “keep up”.

Good attendance is the most reliable predictor of graduation from high school.

High school drop-outs are at high risk for being unemployed or under-employed.