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Feland, Susan

Email: susan.feland@spps.org

Qualifications: Augsburg University, B.A. in Elementary Education

Ms. Feland

When Ms. Feland was growing up in the Twin Cities, her school experiences were the best parts of her childhood.  As a result, she decided on a career in education.  Ms. Feland graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Augsburg University in 2000. Then she taught in Las Vegas and Chicago before returning home to Minnesota.  In 2013, Ms. Feland became a science and engineering teacher at Vento and enjoyed the amazing classes with all of her students.  Four years later, she became one of the school’s fifth grade teachers.  Ms. Feland is grateful for the incredible joy she feels in her classroom community.  Her favorite parts include making connections between subjects, planning lessons based on student interests, and recognizing student efforts.  

Besides teaching, Ms. Feland loves exercising, watching mystery movies, selecting books for her classroom library, and reading.  She also likes to take nature walks to find animals and plants she has never seen before! 

Ms. Feland lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, children, and two cats.  Her favorite family activities are nature walks and game nights.  

Ms. Feland feels continually inspired and rewarded by the innovation and collaboration at Vento.  If you would like to send a message, please email her at susan.feland@spps.org.